Department of Economics

Johannes Kepler University

Ines Meister

Ines Meister
Secretary to Rudolf Winter-Ebmer

Room: K 149D
E-mail: ines.meister[a]
Phone: Ext. 8216
Fax: Ext. 8217


Monday / Wednesday / Thursday     08:00-12:00
Tuesday   08:00-12.00 and 12:30-16:00


on leave from 01 april 2015 to 31 march 2016

(Abteilung für Arbeitsmarktökonomie)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf Winter-Ebmer (Department Head, Professor of Economics)

Univ.-Ass. Dr. René Böheim (Associate Professor)
Dr. Mag. Nicole Schneeweis (Assistant Professor) - on leave
Dr. Martina Zweimüller (Assitant Professor)

PhD José-Ignacio Antón (Researcher)
Mag. Alexander Ahammer (Researcher [Office: Aubrunnerweg 3a])
Mag. Mag. Mario Schnalzenberger (Researcher [Office: Aubrunnerweg 3a])
Mag. Michael Radhuber (Researcher [Office: Aubrunnerweg 3a])
Nicole Halmdienst (Research Assistant [Office: Aubrunnerweg 3a])
Bernhard Schmidpeter (Research Assistant [Office: Aubrunnerweg 3a])
Franz Eder (Research Assistant [Office: Aubrunnerweg 3a])
Michael Topf (Research Assistant [Office: Aubrunnerweg 3a])

Christina Neuwirth (Secretary)


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