Department of Economics

Johannes Kepler University

Summer term 2017

Regular Research Seminar

The Department runs a regular research seminar where it invites scholars from other universities and research institutions to give presentations on their ongoing research. Papers in all fields of Economics are welcome. The seminar is publicly announced on campus, but it primarily addresses our own faculty and economics students at JKU. If possible, papers presented are made available for download below.

With friendly support from the "Linzer Hochschulfonds".

Time: Wednesday, 17.15 - 18.30
Room: K 127A



Gabor Kezdi
"Heterogeneity in Expectations, Risk Tolerance, and Household Stock Shares"
Central European University Budapest 


Timo Hener
"Noise and Violent Crime: Evidence from Exogenous Variation in Aircraft Noise"
Ifo Institute Munich 


Sascha O. Becker
"Does Migration Cause Extreme Voting?"
University of Warwick


Maria Marchenko
"Endogenous Shocks in Social Networks: Exam Retakes and Friends' Future Performance"
Vienna University of Economics and Business


Pietro Biroli
"Maternal Depression, Women's Empowerment, and Parental Investment: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial"
University of Zurich


Andrew Weinbach
"Financial Markets and Betting Markets"
Coastal Carolina University


Michael Pfaffermayr
"Import Competition in Services: Firm Survival, Firm Growth and Implied Changes in Employment"
University of Innsbruck 


Bernhard Ganglmair
"The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Evidence from NPEs"
The University of Texas at Dallas 


Dean R. Lillard
"Risk taking behavior in response to short-run fluctuations in perceived mortality"
The Ohio State University



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