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In the Master's degree program in Management and Applied Economics (4 semesters, 120 ECTS) students are offered an advanced training in applied economics, including insights into the fields of business and economics and  how the two disciplines interact. Our students thus acquire the ability to combine research questions from business and economics. The program also focuses on developing problem solving and analytical competences.

The Master's degree program prepares students for a career as an economic expert or in a managerial position (e.g. in financial management, strategic management, or economic policy consulting) in the public sector, private enterprises, or public administration.

Apart from mandatory modules in core areas of business and economics, the schedule provides the opportunity to specialize in various fields according to the students' interests and career goals. A sensible combination of business and economic approaches is key in this choice. Students acquire knowledge of modern methods in empirical economic research, which serve as an analytical tools in diverse situations. The majority of courses is offered in English, thus giving students the opportunity to hone their active and passive language skills.

The Master's degree program in Management and Applied Economics is ideal for students

  • with an interest in economic issues and relationships who want to deepen the theoretical foundations of the knowledge acquired in a Bachelor's degree program in Economics or Management and who wish to acquire further qualifications in specialized fields;
  • who want to apply the acquired skills in a career in business or policy consulting with an emphasis on jobs where analytical problem solving abilities are essential;
  • who want to pursue a scientific career and who want to acquire advanced academic skills necessary for a future doctorate or PhD studies.

THE PROGRAM (as of September 2014)

Applied Economics

Principles in Applied Economics 12ECTS

If these courses have already been taken in the Bachelor, select 12ECTS from the following courses:

  • Macroeconomics I  6ECTS (Non-German-speaking students can select this course instead of Microeconomics I)
  • KS Gesundheitsökonomie 3ECTS
  • KS Personalökonomie 3ECTS
  • KS New Economy 4ECTS
  • KS Arbeitsmärkte 4ECTS
  • KS Internationale Finanzmarktpolitik 4ECTS
  • KS Struktur und Wachstum der Wirtschaft 4 ECTS

Aspects in Applied Economics 8ECTS

Select 2 of the following 8 courses, which have not been taken in the Bachelor:

  • KS Industrial Organization
  • KS Competition Economics (English)
  • KS Finanzmarkttheorie
  • KS International Economic Integration (English)
  • KS Arbeitsmärkte
  • KS International Finanzmarktpolitik
  • KS Struktur und Wachstum der Wirtschaft
  • KS New Economy

Business and Economics 12ECTS

Select 3 of the following 4, including at least one Seminar Advanced Topics:

  • Financial Economics and Risk
  • The Multinational Firm in the Global Economy
  • Regulation and Antitrust
  • Seminar Advanced Topics I or Seminar Advanced Topics II

Gender Aspects in Economics 4ECTS

  • Feminist Economics


Principles in General Management 18ECTS

Select 3 of the following 6 courses:

Management Dimensions 8ECTS

Select 2 of the following 7 courses from the 3 Leadership Challenges Globalization, Innovation and Substainability (check for entry requirements):

Corporate Finance 6ECTS

Applied Economics or Management

Research Methods 6ECTS

Select 1 of the following 2:

  • Methods in Applied Economics (Thesis Applied Economics) 6ECTS (Students who have already taken this course in the Bachelor, should select courses from the list Game Theory, Mathematics or Economcetrics II)
  • Methods in Management Research (Thesis General Management) 6ECTS (Entry requirement: Master Courses in Marketing and Organization)

Electives 8ECTS

Select courses from the following modules (not necessarily all from the same module):  

  • Economic Theory
  • Methods in Economics
  • Leadership Challenge: Innovation
  • Leadership Challenge: Sustainability
  • Advanced Topics in Applied Economics
  • Advanced Topics in Globalization

Free 14ECTS

You can select any course from JKU or even another university according to your personal interests.

Master Thesis 24ECTS

  • Master Thesis 23ECTS

Before starting your Master Thesis you should have successfully completed the modules Principles in Applied Economics and Aspects in Applied Economics.
In finding a topic and a supervisor for their Master Thesis, students can talk to the teachers of the various courses in the Master Program. Students who want to write a thesis in Business should take into account that Business Faculty Professors typically require successful completion of the course(s) that they offer in the Master program to write a Master Thesis with them.

  • Master Thesis Seminar 1ECTS

You choose either:

o Master Thesis Seminar Economics 1ECTS
If you write your thesis with an Economics Professor, you have to attend this seminar.

o Master Thesis Seminar General Management 1ECTS
If you write your thesis with a Business Professor, you have to attend this seminar. In planning your studies, you should take into account the following pre-requisites:

1. successful completion of (Qualitative and Quantitative) Methods in Management Research (6ECTS)

2. 8ECTS from the same Leadership Challenge (Globalization, Innovation or Sustainability).

Curriculum Masterstudium Management and Applied Economics (in German)


Access to the Master's degree program in Management and Applied Economics requires the completion of a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent).

Students with a Bachelor's degree (or "Diplom") in Business and Economics (WiWi) from JKU can enter the Master's degree program without further conditions. Students with a Bachelor's degree from another university, college, or other domestic or foreign institution of post-secondary education have to fulfill the following requirements:

1. The Bachelor's degree has to be from an accredited institute of higher education.

2. The Bachelor's degree has to contain a sufficient number of ECTS in Business and Economics. Students with a Bachelor's degree can access the program, if the completed program contains at least 20 ECTS of Business and 20 ECTS of Economics courses. Students can start the program, if their Bachelor's degree program contained at least 10 ECTS of Business and 10 ECTS of Economics courses. They can fulfill the requirement of 40 ECTS in total by taking courses from the Bachelor's degree program in Economics at JKU during the first year of their Master's degree program.

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