Department of Economics

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Teaching in English

The economics institute invests in reinforcing the international outlook and also tries to translate that investment in its course program. The courses in the masters program will be in English. The following Bachelor courses will be in English:

Applied Economics (Angewandte Ökonomie):

  • Managerial Economics
  • Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates (Zahlungsbilanz und Devisenmärkte)
  • Personnel Economics (Personalökonomie)
  • International Economics, Finance and Macroeconomics (Internationale Wirtschaft, Finanzmärkte und Makroökonomie)

International Economics, Financial Markets and Macroeconomics (Internationale Wirtschaft, Finanzmärkte und Makroökonomie):

  • Economics of International Integration (Internationale wirtschaftliche Integration)
  • Economic Growth (Struktur und Wachstum der Wirtschaft)

Economic Theories and Methods (Ökonomische Theorie und Methoden):

  • Macroeconomic Theory (Makroökonomische Theorie)
  • Econometrics I 

Useful information: Seminar papers can always be written in English and the presentation following on the paper can also be given in English.

The actual list of courses offered in a semester can be found in the KUSSS or 
(SEARCH english courses ® LVA-Sprache: Englisch, Institut: 23900 - Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre)


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