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General Information

The doctoral program of the Social and Economics Sciences (WS 09/10) takes six semesters and includes the following required courses in the extent of 17 semester hours:

  • Scientific Theory and Research Methodology (7 hours)
  • Dissertation Colloquium (6 hours)
  • Social and Economics Sciences for Doctoral Students: Doctorate Courses (4 hours)

Detailed information on the general structure of the doctorate program in Social and Economic Sciences at the Johannes Kepler University, see here!

If you opt for Managerial Economics as a dissertation subject (§ 4 (a) Doctoral study plan) you have to take specific guidelines of the Department of Economics into account. For questions please contact the head of the current economic Dissertation Colloquium of the semester (for more information:


In the linked PDF file "Doctorate Offer" you will find information of which courses are offered by the Department of Economics for the graduation of the doctoral program in Social and Economic Sciences (published in the newsletter from 01.07.2000).

The curriculum offers also the possibility to pass appropriate courses from other universities and institutions, if it is helpful for your dissertation. Please contact your supervisor if there are any questions concerning the crediting!

To find out about the specific courses (lecturer’s name, date, location), see in the current course catalogue: The aim is to offer all courses at least once a year (winter or summer).  

More Information

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