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Areas of Specialization "Economics" and "Management & Applied Economics"

If you have discovered your interest in economic issues in the introductory phase (or already had this), and want to deepen your knowledge of economics, you can do so in the context of the two study areas, Economics and Management and Applied Economics.

Specialization in "Economics"  

Would you like to choose Economics as the core of your studies, then the major "Economics" is just right for you. Throughout the specialization phase (66 ETCS) you will deal exclusively with economics. You have to complete the following modules:

  • the module "Empirical Research in Economics" (6 ECTS) as part of the tray deepening of core competencies,
  • the module "Economic Theory and Methods" (18 ECTS)
  • Modules, "Applied Economics", "Companies and Markets", and "International Economics, Financial Markets and Macroeconomics" (à 12 ECTS)
  • Writing a bachelor thesis (6 ECTS) in one of graduated majors.

The bachelor degree Business and Economics (WIWI) with major Economics provides a proper basis to seek a career in national and international institutions of Economic Policy Research, performing functions in public administration, interest groups and companies, or to follow up with an ambitious Master of Economics program in Austria or abroad.

Overview area of specialization Economics   

Specialization in "Management & Applied Economics" 

Are you more interested in the interface between economics and business administration as well as the relationship between the two sub-disciplines, the major "Management and Applied Economcis" (Ma & Apec) is just right for you. The specialization phase consists of a combination of economics and business modules. The large freedom to choose your own courses offers you the opportunity to specialize according to your interests and career goals in individual topics fields. Furthermore, this major enables a meaningful combination of business and economics approaches. To choose are:

  • Module deepening of core competences in economics or business administration (6 ECTS)
  • One of the modules "Applied Economics", "Firms and Markets or "International Business, Financial Markets and Macroeconomics "(12 ECTS)
  • Module Empirical Research in Economics (6 ECTS), if this course is not yet chosen within the module deepening of core competences, otherwise 6 ECTS from the module Applied Economics
  • A business module (18 ECTS)
  • Another 18 ECTS can be completed as follows:
    • Another module (12 ECTS) and 6 ECTS from the module "Economic Theory and Methods" OR
    • the entire module "Economic Theory and Methods" (18 ECTS) OR
    • Another business module (18 ECTS)
  • Writing a bachelor thesis (6 ECTS) within the framework one of the completed modules

The bachelor degree Business and Economics, with major Management and Applied Economics qualifies you for a large range of jobs in business and politics. Depending on the chosen modules and the acquired skills, this degree provides a proper basis for working in private companies that operate in a complex economic environment.

Overview area of specialization Management and Applied Economics

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