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General Information Bachelor Program B&E

Structure of the Bachelor Program B&E 

The goal of the Bachelor of Economics degree (180 ECTS, 6 semesters) is to utilize the particular strengths of the JKU Linz while respecting individual interests and aptitudes of students. This goal should be achieved through: 

  • A well structured introductory phase (57 ECTS) at the beginning of the study, which ensures a solid education in the fundamentals of economics for all business and economics students.

  • A specialization phase (66 ECTS) which extends the introductory phase, where students can choose modules in accordance with their preferences, interests and future job planning. This specialization is done by an appropriate choice from a diverse range of modules, reflecting the specific skills of Linz's Department, and by writing the bachelor thesis in the chosen segment. In this case, you conclude your study of economics in the framework of the specific module. You can choose between Economics, Management & Applied Economics, Business Administration, International Business and E-business Management and Communications Systems. In addition, it is also possible to choose freely your own modules, in which case you get your degree in economics (not indicating a specific module on your degree).

  • Supplementary courses (48 ECTS) from related disciplines such as Law, English, Computing, Mathematics/Statistics, Sociology, Economics, Philosophy, and free courses (9 ECTS) complete the bachelor's degree in economics. 

Economics in the Bachelor Program B&E 

Economics (VWL) as a sub-discipline of economics is an important part of the Bacherlor study of Business and Economics and is both in the introductory phase and in the specialization phase firmly anchored through a comprehensive curriculum, which is provided by the Institute of Economics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

The Institute of Economics at the Johannes Kepler University attempts to offer an attractive curriculum, interesting for students and useful on the labor market. The Institute is convinced it achieves this goal through the design of the two study areas, "Economics" and "Management and Applied Economics" and the four modules (Applied Economics, Firms and markets, International economics, financial markets and macroeconomics and Economic theory and methods), which reflect the scientific specialization and the research expertise of the Institute of Economics.

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