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At the Johannes Kepler University one can obtain a bachelors degree in economics, two different masters degrees and a PhD in economics. Besides these new opportunities, there is the possibility to follow a ‘classical'  Doctorates program in social sciences and economics.

Bachelor Business & Economics

Since fall 2009 the JKU provides the opportunity to follow a bachelors program in economics (180 ECTS, 6 Semester, leading to the degree Grad Bachelor of Science). Economics constitutes a considerable part of this program in Business and Economics. A wide range of courses in economics and the two specializations Economics and Management and Applied Economics show the importance of Economics in the Bachelor studies.
The bachelor in economics provides an excellent basis for a wide range of careers, in management, with the government or economic research. The strength of this program lies in flexibility to combine Economics and Business courses. After a well structured entry phase follows the specialization phase, where students can compose their own program of courses, depending upon interests and career aspirations.

Further Information:  Bachelor Program B&E

Master in "Economics" and "Management & Applied Economics"

There are two Master programs: "Economics" and "Management and Applied Economics

PhD in Economics

The University of Linz offers together with the University of Innsbruck a 3 year PhD program in Economics. The courses of this program are in English and the level of the courses corresponds with the international standards for an Economics program at the advanced level. The close cooperation between professors, guest professors and students guarantees a high level supervision.

Further Information: PhD in Economics

Doctoral Studies

Further Information:  Doctoral Studies

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