Department of Economics

Johannes Kepler University

Incoming Students

Hope you have arrived safely, and settling down in this new environment was not too much of a hassle for you. Anyway: Welcome on campus!

We are happy with your interest in attending economics classes at the Johannes Kepler University. To make your stay at the Johannes Kepler University easier and to help you with planning, we give you the most important information here.

The courses offered at the economics institute are at the bachelors, masters, doctorate and PhD level. To make our courses more attractive for all foreign students, we offer an increasing number of courses in English.
Also, the JKU provides a service to support exchange students in the best possible way during their stay in Linz. We mention the REFI, which takes care of exchange students from their first day in Austria (Linz) with all important information and support. Also you have the possibility to get linked up with a Mentor, a student of our university, who can give an answer to all your questions (also already before your stay in Linz).

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